Pellet stove Neptuni with integrated chimney system

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The Neptuni stove has been developed to work as a primary heat source. Availabe in four different colours. The stove’s high level of efficiency, in combination with automatic operation, means that the stove replaces up to 80 % of the heating in a normal family house with electricity as heating source. The stove is designed for firing with wood pellets and requires an electrical power supply.

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Data sheet

Weight (kg) 100
Height (mm) 1026
Width (mm) 530
Efficiency (%) 91
Power (kW) 6
Pellet hopper (kg) 25
Depth (mm) 590
Voltage (V) 230

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The integrated convection fan distributes the hot air around the house, for best effect thestove should be centrally located on the lower floor of the house. The room temperature is easily set from the control panel. During thermostat operation the stove automatically ignites and extinguishes the stove when the set temperature is reached.It is filled with pellets by opening the hatch under the stove’s top panel. The spacious hopper means that the stove only needs to be refilled a maximum of twice a day. The filler hatches and door are equipped with safety switches. Two safety thermostats are mounted together with the switches in a safety coil to prevent overheating and back-fire. Neptuni can be installed without a traditional chimney if your home does not have one. The solution that makes this possible is called KMP Drag, which is a patent-pending, fan controlled, flue gas duct that goes straight out through the wall.