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The ASU Timer was specifically developed for wood gasification boilers, using mechanical flue gas thermostat.

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General ASU Timer Information

The nature of functioning of wood gasification boilers has been taken into account while developing ASU Timer.

Turning speed has its specific aims:

    • The first 15-25 minutes are of crucial importance. ASU Timer allows time for the temperature of flue gases to increase.
    • Too fast turning pace would switch the boiler off when the temperature of flue gas cannot rise fast enough.
    • Wood gasification boilers work for at least 2 hours or longer. ASU Timer reaches its proper position in the course of that time.

ASU Timer - Technical Information
  • Plastic details:  PC (Makrolan 2407)
  • Number of ASU Timer turns:  min. 5000
  • Timer: with the "turn past" option
  • Usage temperature:  +5º C up to +65º C (41 F up to 149 F)
  • Storage temperature:  -25º C up to +65º C (-13 F up to 149 F)
  • Tightening torque:  max 4,5 da/Ncm
  • Net weight: 86 g / 0.19 oz
  • Full weight: 116 g / 0.255 oz